State Sky B2011 Team Shines in Spring Season, Poised for Championship Glory

May 22, 2024

The State Sky B2011 team of the New England Surf soccer club has had a remarkable spring season, making significant strides and achieving impressive results. After moving up two flights—from Flight 3 to Flight 1 in the NECSL —following a strong fall season, the team has soared to new heights. Currently, they hold the top position with a stellar record of 6-0-1, showcasing their talent and hard work.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Kareem, a former Trinidad and Tobago national team player, the team has developed into a formidable force. Coach Kareem has instilled a winning mentality and a focus on continuous improvement, which has been pivotal to their success this season.

“I am extremely proud of the progress our team has made,” said Coach Kareem. “The dedication and effort each player has put in are paying off. We have not only improved as a team but also seen individual players grow and move up within the club. This shows the strength of our development pathway and the potential we have to achieve even greater success.”

One of the key factors behind the team’s success has been their commitment to development, both individually and collectively. This season, several players have transitioned from the Sky team (the second tier within the club) to the Navy team, underscoring the effectiveness of the club’s development programs. These advancements highlight the opportunities available to players who demonstrate skill, determination, and growth, reinforcing the club’s mission to nurture and elevate young talent.

As the team looks forward to the championship weekend, the excitement and anticipation are palpable. The players are eager to showcase their abilities on a larger stage and aim to finish the season on a high note. With their current momentum and the guidance of Coach Kareem, the State Sky B2011 team is well-positioned to claim the championship title.

The New England Surf soccer club celebrates the achievements of the State Sky B2011 team and anticipates continued success as these young athletes advance in their soccer journeys. The club remains committed to providing a supportive environment that fosters growth, excellence, and the pursuit of dreams.

Go State Sky B2011, and best of luck in the championships!

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