Celebrating the Triumphs of Our Teams in the DPL!

June 10, 2024

We are thrilled to celebrate the exceptional success of our teams in the Development Player League (DPL) this season. Each team has showcased remarkable skill, dedication, and teamwork, earning top spots in the DPL Northeast and qualifying for national events. Here’s a closer look at the accomplishments of our standout teams and their dedicated coaches.

G2012 State Navy

“Our G2012 team has demonstrated their prowess in the league and multiple tournaments, establishing themselves as one of the best teams in the Northeast. Their style of play and competitiveness have been impressive throughout the whole season,” said Coach Luke.

With an outstanding record of 9-0-2, the G2012 State Navy team has clinched the top spot in the DPL Northeast, reflecting their hard work and strategic gameplay.

G2011 State Navy

Coach Luke also led the G2011 State Navy team to an extraordinary season. “The 2011’s had a great season with some impressive results and performances along the way. I am looking forward to seeing them compete at a national event for the first time and hopefully bringing home a title.”

Finishing the season with a stellar 15-2-0 record, the G2011 team is poised to make a strong showing at their first national event.

G2010 State Navy

“I am delighted for the 2010 Navy Girls to clinch a spot at the DPL Nationals for the second season in a row. The consistent performance levels from the girls throughout the season has been great to watch. Clinching a Nationals spot is a testament to their teamwork, perseverance, and development over the course of the season. The team is excited to showcase their talents at Nationals in June,” said Coach Jonny.

The G2010 State Navy team’s impressive 12-2-3 record secured their top position in the DPL Northeast, highlighting their relentless effort and skill.

G2009 State Navy

“Our team has been relentless this season, and their determination and work ethic are the foundation for winning the league and qualifying for the DPL National Finals. Reaching this achievement by going undefeated in a tough conference is thoroughly impressive, and we hope that this momentum can continue in California,” shared Coach Alex.

The G2009 State Navy team, with an undefeated record of 7-0-1, has proven their mettle and is eagerly preparing for the challenges ahead at the National Finals.

G2008 State Sky

Coach Kayla expressed her pride in the G2008 State Sky team, saying, “It is a great accomplishment to make the DPL playoffs, and I am very proud of the team’s performance this season to reach this point. We will take all that we have learned this season and apply it to our matches in California.”

Finishing third in the DPL Northeast with a commendable 6-2-1 record, the G2008 team has demonstrated significant growth and determination.

G2007 State Navy

“It has been another really impressive season for these girls, going undefeated in the league, and for the third year in a row clinching a spot at DPL Nationals. This team continues to excel on a national level and looks forward to the challenges that lie ahead,” said Coach Darren.

With a remarkable 7-0-2 record, the G2007 State Navy team has secured their place at the Nationals once again, showcasing their consistent excellence. The team won’t travel to Norco this year, but will be competing in the Surf Cup San Diego, the Best of the Best Showcase in the country, this July.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate these incredible achievements, we also look forward to supporting our teams as they compete on the national stage. Their hard work, dedication, and passion for the game have brought them this far, and we are confident they will continue to excel and make us proud.

Congratulations to all our teams and coaches for an outstanding season in the DPL. Here’s to continued success and memorable moments at the Nationals!