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New England Surf Mentorship Program

May 10, 2024

At New England Surf, we are dedicated to fostering not just exceptional soccer skills but also strong team dynamics. Our new mentorship program, led by Coach Jonny Bonner, pairs experienced players from our 2010 Navy Team with younger athletes from the 2015 Navy Girls Team. This innovative approach is promoting a culture of mutual support and shared learning and setting a standard for development at New England Surf. 

Program Structure 

Coach Jonny Bonner has developed a structured mentorship approach that pairs each player from the 2015 Navy Girls Team with a mentor from the 2010 Navy Team. This program offers 1-on-1 peer mentorship that extends beyond the field to include personal development, strategic thinking, and a deeper understanding of the game itself. These sessions are designed to allow players to form bonds that transcend age and experience levels. A key component of the program is that both teams mutually support each other’s matches and the players cheer for each other, strengthening team bonds across age groups.

Impact on Players and Performance

New England Surf is deeply committed to nurturing a high-performance environment that extends beyond traditional training methods. Our mentorship program is a testament to this commitment, offering young athletes a unique blend of support, guidance, and real-world soccer insights that are pivotal for both personal and athletic growth. Through this initiative, players not only improve their technical skills and tactical understanding but also learn to embody resilience, leadership, and teamwork—qualities essential for excelling in competitive soccer and life. 

Are you ready to elevate your game? Join our community and experience firsthand how our innovative approaches, including mentorship and coaching philosophy, develop the ‘Best of the Best’ in youth soccer! Click the link to learn more.