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Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament Preview

November 18, 2022

NE Surf teams have entered into the Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament hosted by Juventus Academy Boston.  We took the opportunity to highlight 6 teams that should have a very competitive and productive weekend

First for the Boys side:

2014 Metro Boston Sky: Started off the season bright and have continued that work ethic in training!  They have been showing a real togetherness and discipline in both training and games!  This weekend they will face off against TWO Juventus Academy Boston teams and Best FC.  Their coach Tommaso said, “It is time to reap the rewards of a great Fall season. The team is constantly improving and we’re excited to prove ourselves in a very good bracket.”

2011 State Navy: Having just got a new coach midway through the season, both the team and coach are looking to continue to grow and build team chemistry heading into the new year.  This weekend they will face off against 3 New York teams which certainly pose new challenges for this team.  Their new coach Eoghan said, “The team have a lot of energy and create a lot of chances, any game we play will provide a lot of excitement for sure. We are looking forward to challenging ourselves in a tournament scenario, I’m sure we will come up against some high quality teams but hopefully we can get a positive result.”

2009 State Navy: Coming off a Draw against Aztec’s National 2009 side and a 3-2 Win against Seacoast of Bedford, confidence could not be higher for the boys heading into this weekend.  They will face off against SFC New England and Ginga FC!  Our Asst Boys DOC, Estive had this to say about the team, “Fun group of players that come in on a daily basis prepared to learn as much as possible to better themselves.”

Onto the Girls side:

2013 Metro South Navy: This team has done it all this season.  Winning a trophy at the start of the season in the Surf Labor Day Classic as well getting the opportunity to play at Gillette Stadium!  This weekend they will face off against THREE Juventus Academy Boston teams in their bracket!  Coach Rob Speed had this to say, “You might hear them before you see them – A team built on togetherness, teamwork and dedication. A team New England Surf is very excited about.”

2011 State Sky: Previously, at Columbus Day Tournament they narrowly missed out on the finals due to goal difference!  They look to right their wrongs this time around.  They will face off against Valley FC, Juventus EDS and Marshfield.  Coach James said this, “Slowly but surely we are coming together as a team, which has been the greatest thing to watch this season. Every practice session and match we get better!”

2009 State Navy: Absolutely on fire this season!  They most recently reached the State Cup Final this past weekend.  Looking ahead their opponents this weekend will be: Juventus Academy Boston, Seacoast United and Juventus Academy Toronto!  A tough challenge but one this team can certainly handle with their track record.  Coach Jonny Bonner had this to say about the team, “Energetic, hard working team who like to have fun and have a great willingness to learn on the field”

Stay tuned for updates over the weekend on results for these SIX teams on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

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