Pre-Thanksgiving 2

Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament Recap

November 21, 2022

Our NE Surf teams were entered into the Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament hosted by Juventus Academy Boston.  We took the opportunity to give a quick recap on 6 teams results over the past weekend!

First for the Boys side:

2014 Metro Boston Sky: Finished off the tournament in second place within their bracket!  Winning 2 and losing 1, a solid performance from this side to conclude their Fall season on a high!

2011 State Navy: Absolutely fantastic performance from this team over the weekend!  Topping their group with 2 wins and 1 tie which saw them advance to the finals against Juventus Academy Boston EDS.  This game proved to be to however as they were beaten on the day.  Still a fantastic weekend facing multiple competitive teams from New York and New Jersey!

2009 State Navy: A tough weekend for our boys, having lost their first 2 games in the group stage of the tournament.  They played their last game in against Boston Bolts where they dominated and won 3-1 to end the tournament on a high note!

Onto the Girls side:

2013 Metro South Navy: Dominating the group stage with 2 wins and 12 goals scored!  Simply unplayable.  Advancing into the semi-finals, the game ended tied after 60 minutes and stoppage time!  However, luck was not on their side in a penalty shootout against Galway Rovers.  A tough end after a fantastic Fall season for these girls!

2011 State Sky: Narrowly losing their fist 2 games of the tournament by 1 goal in each.  However, that did not stop them from ending the weekend on a high note winning their last game 1-0 against Marshfield United.  Well done girls!

2009 State Navy: Continuing their dominance from this season into this tournament.  Winning all 3 of their group stage games, scoring 7 goals over those games while keeping 1 clean sheet.  Breezed past Juventus Academy Toronto in the Semi-Final 2-0 only to come up short in the final.  Narrowly losing 1-0 to Juventus Academy Boston DPL.  A terrific weekend for these girls!

Stay tuned for updates over the weekend on results for these SIX teams on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

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