BLUE 2010 State Navy’s Path to Success

April 25, 2024

In just two years, the B2010 State Navy team has become a consistent contender in regional soccer. This transformation is evident not only in their regular appearances in tournament finals—reaching the championship round in six out of their last ten competitions—but also through their dedication to continuous improvement and deep commitment to personal accountability and team unity.

From the outset, Coach Kyle Bak instilled a philosophy centered around growth through both the wins and lessons learned from losses. “From the moment I joined, we talked about winning and learning,” Coach Bak explains. “If the result wasn’t in our favor, we aimed to find a few key takeaways from each match to build on.” This mindset has deeply integrated into the team, fostering a culture where players actively engage in their development process, which has started to yield significant rewards.

Adapting to Player Departures

The team faced challenges with key players moving on to MLS academies. This transition was pivotal, allowing the remaining and returning players to find and embrace new roles, significantly affecting the team dynamics. “The departure of two major players gave others the chance to step up, enhancing our team chemistry and empowering players to own their mistakes and grow from them,” Coach Bak notes.

Player-Driven Culture

A crucial aspect of the team’s success is its player-driven culture, which was established through the introduction of non-negotiable standards by the players themselves. The coaching staff reinforces these standards daily, ensuring that the culture is not only maintained but strengthened, promoting a greater sense of responsibility and cohesion among the players.

Team Non-Negotiables:

  • Take responsibility for your mistakes and learn from them. Don’t blame others for what you have done wrong.
  • Team before me
  • Never let our teammates down
  • Train with a mentality that we want to improve
  • Always put full effort in no matter the circumstances

Tournament Highlights and Team Growth

The team’s strategic approach to tournaments has been crucial in their recent successes. After a structured mini preseason in January, the team focused on building their capabilities and cohesion. “We stress the importance of staying in the moment, and each tournament game is approached with a clear strategy to advance,” Coach Bak recounts. Their disciplined approach helped them secure a long-awaited victory at the Copa Youngers, overcoming past hurdles in final games and demonstrating significant growth.

This growth was evident when the team was able to secure come from behind wins against teams like IFA and CT Rush in critical tournament matches which showcased their ability to compete, regardless of the score, until the final whistle. These moments are not just about securing wins but are a testament to the team unity and competitive spirit within the team.

Future Outlook

As the B2010 State Navy looks to the future, the foundations laid over the past two years are just the beginning. With a culture centered on growth, resilience, and strategic play, the team is well-positioned for continued success in the regional & national competitive landscape of youth soccer.

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