New England Surf Shines at 2024 DPL Finals in Norco, CA

July 9, 2024

New England Surf Shines at 2024 DPL Finals in Norco, CA

The New England Surf youth soccer teams showcased their talent and determination at the 2024 DPL Finals held in Norco, CA, at the end of June. Four teams represented the club: G2008 Sky, G2009 Navy, G2010 Navy, and G2011 Navy. Each team brought their best to the competition, displaying exceptional skill and teamwork.

G2008 Sky:

The G2008 Sky team had an impressive run at nationals, going undefeated throughout the tournament. They held their ground with a 0-0 draw against FRAM, the eventual tournament champions, marking themselves as the only team to not concede a goal to the champions. Their second game saw a 1-1 draw against Santa Barbara Soccer Club, followed by a commanding 3-0 victory over Sand and Surf SC. Despite their strong performance and conceding only one goal in the entire tournament, the team did not advance due to their overall record. Coach Kayla Steeves expressed her pride, stating, “I am very proud of the team as a whole and every player’s individual effort!” With only one substitute throughout the weekend, the G2008 Sky’s resilience and determination were truly commendable.

G2009 Navy:

The G2009 Navy girls began their U15 Super Group championships with a narrow 1-0 win against Charlotte Development Academy. Their momentum was challenged in a tough 3-2 loss to West Coast F.C., but the team bounced back with a decisive 4-0 victory over Soccer Chance Academy. Although they did not advance to the finals, the team showed tremendous effort and left the tournament with valuable experiences for next year. Their performance was a testament to their hard work and potential for future success.

G2010 Navy – Finalists

G2010 Navy:

The G2010 Navy team started strong with a 2-0 win over Albion SC Central Cal, followed by a 4-1 victory against Apex FC, where Alex Apstein scored a remarkable hat trick. They continued their winning streak with a 6-0 triumph over Roswell Santos SC, securing their spot in the semi-finals. A 4-1 win over Solano Surf propelled them into the finals, with goalie Maggie Peterson conceding only two goals in the first four games. Despite their best efforts, the team faced a heartbreaking last-minute overtime loss in the final. Coach Jonny Bonner praised the team, saying, “The girls should be extremely proud to make the final for the second year in a row – this is a reflection of the dedication and hard work the girls have put in over the course of the year. It was pleasing as a coach to see how well they performed in all of their games.”

G2011 Navy:

The G2011 Navy team had an outstanding start, winning 1-0 against SoCal Elite and 3-0 against Hoover-Vestavia Soccer. They secured their bracket with a 1-0 victory over Colorado United and continued their dominant performance with a 3-0 win over West Florida Flames in the semi-finals. Despite their stellar run, the team fell short in the championship game against SoCal Reds FC. Coach Luke Rothero commended the team, stating, “Girls did really well throughout group play by advancing with 3 wins and no goals conceded. Unfortunately fell at the last hurdle but overall a really positive week to cap off a great season for the 2011 Navy Girls. Looking forward to getting back on the field in August.”

The New England Surf teams demonstrated exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship throughout the 2024 DPL Finals. Each team’s journey was filled with memorable moments and valuable lessons, setting the stage for even greater achievements in the future. As the teams look forward to the next season, their experiences in the 2024 DPL Finals, will undoubtedly inspire them to reach new heights.

G2011 Navy – Finalists