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2012 Girls Metro Navy: A Team to Lookout for this Season

October 20, 2022


The Team

Our 2012 Girls Metro Navy have been nominated as the team of the week by our Metro Director, Luke Rothero.  This team is simply special!  Having won 2 trophies so far this season, they look to keep improving week after week under the guidance of our Executive Director Andy Prosser.

Forgetting about the results, a positive takeaway was the full team attending a recent Brandeis women’s game in support of a New England Surf Coach and using this as a Team building event.  These team building exercises have been showcased in recent events and I look forward to seeing the growth throughout the remainder of the 22/23 season.

Their play style is simple: To be on the front foot and not change the DNA of the New England Surf model. Our aim is to get players confident, brave on the ball while understanding what is required both in and out of possession – creating a style of play takes time and these players are still very young in their development. Through the process you have to try and show patience realizing that it takes time, we always use the words progress and consistency as something we work towards, failing through building a style of play is something this group of players will not shy away from, their hard work and passion for the game  is something that is clear to see.

The Coach

Andy Prosser: A coaching legend here at New England Surf and our own Executive Director.  Too many success stories to list but one of the most recent was taking a New England Surf State Girls team all the way to the National Finals.  The 2012 Girls Metro Navy side is lucky to have him as well as New England Surf!

Upcoming Fall

Our 2012 Girls Metro Navy side took a different approach to goal setting than normal teams.  They focused on aspects they could control rather than results with their goal being: the season is ensuring we create a culture that all the players buy into. We use this foundation as the driving force and key principles of the team.