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Columbus Day Tournament’s Preview

October 7, 2022

NE Surf teams are entered into a variety of different Columbus Day tournaments including CFC’s Columbus Day Classic, Seacoast’s Ocean Cup and Bolt’s Columbus Cup.  We took the opportunity to reach out to our DOC’s to get an insight as to how the Fall season has been going so far and a team to look out for this upcoming weekend.

Our girls Director of Coaching, Darren Gallagher said, “”It’s been a great start to the fall season with all of our teams competing well across the DPL, USYS National League and NECSL league platforms. The Columbus Day tournaments always present a competitive weekend of soccer, as well as important team-building opportunities. We are very much looking forward to building on our early success!.”  Darren pointed  out our 2009 State Girls Royal team who are playing in Seacoast’s Ocean Cup.  Click Here for their schedule.

Jake Beverlin, our State boys DOC,  was next up talking about his program, “It has been a great start to the fall season with all of our teams doing very well in their respective leagues.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to play against some different teams in a tough competition at the CFC Columbus Day Tournament.”  His team to watch for this weekend was our 2010 State Boys Navy, coached by Marcelo Cunha.  Click Here for their schedule.  These boys have gone undefeated so far this Fall season and we have high hopes for them in tournament play as well.  

Jake, also explained, “Our City Program has been doing very well over the fall with the parents adapting well to some of the changes that have happened over the past couple of months.  We are extremely happy with our JR Academy as well which has over 80 kids over 3 locations.”  Jake highlighted the 2011 Girls City Sky as the team to watch over the coming weekend as they have been a force to be reckoned with so far in the NECSL Fall Season.  Click Here for their schedule.

Next up is our Metro Boston program with our DOC; Paul Erne picking out the 2012 Metro Boston Boys Navy as the team to look out for at the Cape Cod Columbus Day Tournament.  Click Here for their schedule.  He explained, “Coach Marcelo has been doing a great job with these boys over the past few years and the results are proof of that. They are currently undefeated in league play with 3 wins and one tie, and are playing a fast- paced, fluid style of football that perfectly represents what we are trying to do at the club.”

For our newest region of Metro South, DOC Rob Speed talked about his side’s style of play, “We like to play a direct and quick counter-attacking style of play. We like to get the ball into scoring range and utilize our fantastic wingers and strikers to run in behind the opposition’s lines. A team with a lot of hustle and aggressiveness.”  We are hoping this style gives our 2011 Girls Metro South Navy the upper hand in their Ocean Cup endeavors this weekend.  Click Here for their schedule.

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