2010Girls State Sky Success

2010 Girls State Sky Success

October 25, 2023

The 2010 State Sky girls team rose from the bottom of the NECSL Regional Academy League division in Fall 2022 to the top of the NECSL Regional Academy league division this Fall. Last fall the team struggled with transitioning to 11v11 play, building a connection with several players combining from an assortment of teams within the club, and having a new coach. The team was ultimately dropped from the NECSL Regional Academy League division to a lower Flight 1 division for the spring season in order to recover from several tough losses in the top division.

Even with the team getting “beaten badly” the response from the players was always resolute.
When the team picked up for the spring season the atmosphere amongst the team was filled with determination to get better and back into the top division in our NECSL age bracket. In the winter/spring season the 2010 State Sky girls team won 2 tournaments and were finalists in 3 tournaments. The team also finished in second place (one point away from the team in first) in the Flight 1 division of the NECSL in the spring of 2023 and was later placed back into the Regional Academy League division of the NECSL for the fall of 2023.
All of the learning experiences from the fall, winter, and spring of last year were instrumental in helping the team form an incredible connection that has translated to a phenomenal start to the fall 2023 season.
The team is currently at the top of the table in the NECSL Regional Academy League division. The division that we were dropped from not too long ago.
wo players have really stepped up and exemplified all that New England Surf stands for. Neve Keselman is a striker for the team and was the leading goal scorer last season. Madison Walzer, center back, has become a great leader for the team.