Navy Success

B2007 Navy Weekend Success

November 27, 2023

This past weekend our 2007 Boys State Navy team had a very strong weekend beating MLS and ECNL teams at the NEFC Thanksgiving Showcase 2023, one of the best showcase in New England.

Game Recaps:
First game vs. NEFC – The team defended very well and was disciplined out of possession. They kept a tight defensive shape and counterattacked at speed. Ioannis Garcia netted the winning goal leading the team to a 1-0 victory to start the weekend.
Second game vs. SUSA ECNL – The team manage two systems of play (3-5-2 and -4-2-3-1) and was creative offensively with great combinations in wide areas and on counterattacks. Jefferson Valdivieso scored two goals, both on Demi-volley, to defeat SUSA 2-1.
Third Game vs Penn Fusion ECNL – The boys started strong defensively and created many scoring opportunities. After a hard fought battle, the game ended 0-0.
Coach Trevisan commented, “We added 7 players in the team this year, and they fit in seamlessly from the get go. Throughout the weekend, our work rate and desire to compete were superb – we defended well against strong teams and we were creative, brave and efficient on the ball. Great start of what will be a very competitive year”.
The team heads to the National League Pro Playoffs in Orlando, FL December 1-3!