NE Surf Coaches License

New England Surf Coaches Receive D License

October 4, 2023

With a core value at NE Surf being the pursuit of excellence and the desire to be better, a group of 9 of our coaches are currently finishing up their D license together. They will complete the course in September and bring their new learning to the fields this fall.

Our coaches are always looking to self-improve so that they can transfer that knowledge to all of our players.
Well done to all of our coaches participating in their D license and we look forward to seeing them continue on their coaching journey with NE Surf.

Congratulations to the following coaches!

Luke Rothero

Haley McLaughlin

Kyle Bak

Billy Beauzile

James Everett

Luis Da Silva

Aidan MacDonald

Kareem Smith

Yuran Teixeira

Victor Obetta

Felipe Pinto