All In The Family

April 30, 2021

How New England Surf Helps a Brother and Sister Find Their Passion

For the Byrne family, New England Surf is more than a soccer club. It’s a way of life.

We have been around the soccer club world for many years and have never seen such dedication and commitment to player development,” said Sarah Byrne, mother of Keira, 9, and Aidan, 12. “Surf takes into account each player’s capabilities and pushes them to [their] full potential. They offer the highest level of training I have witnessed, and the communication between coaches and players is phenomenal.”

Keira and Aidan play for the girls’ 2011 and boys’ 2008 teams, respectively, and after one year of playing for New England Surf, both are seeing  major improvements in their games. 

“Surf has helped me a lot!” said Keira. “Coach Luke has taught me so much about passing, receiving, 1v1’s, ‘seeing the field,’ and playing defense. I know much more about positioning and pressuring the other team. He has helped me to be the best player I can be.”

Aidan agrees.

“[It’s allowed] me to be a more versatile player,” he said. “I have always played defense and now I have been given the opportunity to play midfield. It’s been awesome!

And while Sarah is thrilled with her childrens’ development on the field, she’s even more excited by the people Keira and Aidan are becoming as individuals away from the field.

“I can honestly say that I am thrilled with Keira and Aidan’s development,” she said. “I have been truly impressed with every aspect of Surf, and would quote my daughter. ‘They care about their players.’”

That level of care, commitment and individual player development is a hallmark of New England Surf, and is driven by Surf Soccer Nation’s main guiding principle: the best of the best.

“New England Surf has excellent coaches and provides a lot of support for their players,” said Aidan. “The practices are always fun, competitive, and challenging.”

Are you looking for a challenge? New England Surf is currently looking for the best players of all ages. Tryouts start June 2nd, so test yourself against the best of the best.

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