NE Surf Difference

The New England Surf Difference

April 15, 2021

In 2020, the Surf Soccer family expanded to New England. After only one year, the impact is already being felt by their players.

“New England Surf is a force to be reckoned with,” said Aidan Hawk, centre back. “It’s improved the technical side of my game, taught me to focus on the details, and it’s made me an overall better player.”

And he’s not the only one who’s seen a difference since joining the club.

“The commitment [to the players] made by the coaches and staff is contagious,” said Jenna Quill, defender.  “It gets everyone excited to come to practice and compete, makes me work harder, and really helps me grow. It’s shown me that hard work will get results.”

That’s the mindset that sets New England Surf apart: working to define your growth and results. The players see it, they embrace it, and it’s paid off for them in spades .

“They helped find a better role for me on the field,” said Joseph DiCesare, midfielder. “I used to play at wing back, and my coaches [at New England Surf] moved me to central midfield. It’s way more suited for my skills, and it’s thanks to the coaches here. They push players to become better.”

And while other soccer clubs are quick to make similar claims, New England Surf players are just as quick to point out the differences between this team and other teams they’ve played for.

“New England Surf has very clear fundamentals and goals they want to achieve for its players” said Taryn Reohr, attacking midfielder. “With Surf,  I feel like I am getting the best experience just by working hard and having fun.”

Even better, New England Surf is teaching players how to teach themselves, and how they have the power and tools to take themselves anywhere.

“New England Surf has allowed me to recognize how I can improve my game, both while training with New England Surf, and on my own, ” said Julie Borto, central defender. “Playing here has really helped me see how to advance my game to the next level, and what it’s going to take.”

Some didn’t mince words.

“I feel that my team [at New England Surf] is more talented with better coaching,” said DiCesare. “The team is more dedicated to the game compared to previous clubs.”

And that’s what makes New England Surf stand out. New England Surf offers players the opportunity to chart their own path toward growth in soccer. The staff and coaches offer youth soccer players all the tools to excel and grow. It’s up to the players to respond.

If you or the soccer player in your life are looking to elevate their game, and to work with coaches that are as dedicated to your development as you are, contact