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Who is being Recruited?

January 20, 2023

At New England Surf we prioritize players continuing their playing career at the next level.  This will be at the college level ranging from D1 to Junior College.  In order to achieve this we do a wide variety of counseling to our players.  Our counselors help our players build their list of schools and support them on how to communicate with college coaches.  Our competitive calendar is tailored to maximize player exposure with a balanced mix of in- and out-of-state tournaments..  Lastly, we host college webinars throughout the year where collegiate coaches from all levels come and talk to our players to give them the inside scoop of what life is like at their particular program and level.  This has fostered an outstanding track record with college commits this past year as we had over 32 of our players commit to different colleges ranging from D1 to D3.  This year we are having similar success with 9 players already committed to further their playing career at the collegiate level!


Girls Program

Our girls commit is Maylin Carr from our 2004 State Navy side.  She recently committed to New York University where she will continue her playing career while pursuing a degree

Stay tuned for more commits as we get closer to graduation time for our seniors!


Boys Program

Our Boys program continues to impress with college recruitment.  So far this year we have 8 recruits ranging throughout D1 and D3 respectively.  Our most recent recruits come from the same team: 2005 State Navy led by our Boy’s DOC, Jake Beverlin.  Pieter Bultman and Drew McDonnell committing to University of Vermont and University of Massachusetts Boston respectively.

Click Here for our full list of College Alumni

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