Tournament Recap

November 25, 2020


Surf 2009 State Navy

Record: 3-0-0

This past weekend saw our 2009 State Navy boys take on three NEFC squads during our Thanksgiving friendlies. The boys were in top form after coming off of two quality performances to finish out the league. Their game under the lights on Friday took us to Taunton, where we faced NEFC Metro West. The boys got off to a strong start with an early goal from Liam McCabe, which set the tone for the rest of the match. The boys were hungry for more and ended up putting 5 past the hosts, for a comfortable victory to start the weekend. 

Saturday afternoon brought the boys to Marlborough, where they would remain for the rest of the weekend. Our Navy boys were thriving off of their win the night before, and picked up right where they left off. Surf immediately gained control of the game, and did not take their foot off the gas. After a well fought game from both sides, our boys in blue managed to find the back of the net four times, including a hat trick from Elliot Greiner to ultimately beat the hosts 4-1. 

The final game for 09 Navy proved to be the most dominant matchup for our Surf boys. They were determined to finish the weekend with a perfect record, and did just that. The floodgates opened after 5 minutes, and did not close for the rest of the game. Our boys dominated possession for the entire game, ultimately finding the back of the net 11 times, coming from 6 different players. “I am happy that we ended the season in such a positive way. Not only did I enjoy watching each player develop their game, but the bond between all of these boys made it such a fun season”, says Coach Paul. After scoring 5 goals and assisting 3, Coach Paul decided that Elliot Greiner was most deserving of the Player of the Tournament award for the 09 Navy boys. Congratulations to Elliot and the entire squad for a great finish to a fun season!


Surf 2007 State Navy

Record: 1-2-0

Our 2007 State Navy Girls faced a trio of strong NEFC teams this weekend during our Thanksgiving friendlies. The girls were in great form after coming off of a dominant set of performances in league play. Their Friday night game saw them take on NEFC DPL in an intense matchup to kickoff the weekend. Our girls started off somewhat slow, struggling to move the ball forward with purpose and create quality chances. They did find the net once, however, but definitely had to improve some aspects of their game if they were to finish this game on the front foot. The second half proved to be much better for our Surf girls, creating countless opportunities and finding the back of the net 3 more times, ultimately resulting in a 4-0 win for Surf.

Game 2 for the 07 State Navy girls proved to be more of a challenge, as they faced NEFC GA in Mendon. This matchup proved to be one where both teams were forced both teams to remain compact out of possession, and look to grind out a result. Our girls in blue took the lead in the first half off of a beautiful set piece.  The second half did not see a lot of chances created on either side, but was a resilient and inspiring performance from both squads. The hosts capitalized on the back end of the second half, ultimately resulting in a 1-1 draw.

The final game for 07 Navy proved to be the most challenging, as it was clear from kickoff that our girls ran out of steam from the intense matchup the day before. Although they played on the front foot for the majority of the game, our Surf girls just could not seem to find a breakthrough to get them over the finish line, and ended the game in a 0-0 draw against a very solid side. “The 2007 girls were superb competing against excellent competition in both the GA and DPL respectively. The team is playing with confidence and resilience, and as a result came away with a win and two ties. What is more promising is that we conceded only one goal in three games, while scoring 5. It was a great event to complete the Fall season”, said Coach Andy. Due to her consistent performances at center back, and overall “captain’s performance”, Coach Andy decided that Gabby Smith was most deserving of the Player of the Tournament award. Congratulations to Gabby and the whole 07 Navy squad for an absolutely dominant season!


Surf 2007 State Navy

Record: 1-0-2

Our 2007 State Navy boys also had three NEFC squads on the schedule over this past weekend. Their Friday evening game in Taunton saw our boys win comfortably off of two goals from William Faulkner, both of which were a result of effective pressing from 07 Navy. It was a very solid performance throughout the entire game, with the only critique coming from the lack of efficiency in front of net. 

Game 2 took 07 Navy to Mendon, where our boys took on a very strong NEFC West Elite side. Surf went down 1-0 off of some beautiful combination play from NEFC. Navy responded well by scoring one of their own before halftime, to keep the pressure on the hosts. Our boys came out flying in the second half, creating several promising scoring opportunities, but were only able to capitalize on one chance. The tide began to change as NEFC were able to score two quick goals, which completely changed the momentum of the game. It ultimately resulted in a 4-2 loss, but the boys played hard until the final whistle and had plenty of chances to get a result. 

2007 State Navy’s final game took place in Mendon as well, against the NEFC ECNL squad. The boys fought for 70 minutes, but suffered greatly from several knocks and injuries which ultimately ended in a substantial victory for the host club. “Overall it was a very good weekend that gave us a high level of competition. The boys continue to show improvement and passion for the game, which makes me already look forward to the Spring season”, said Coach Tommaso. Due to his display of hard work and leadership throughout the weekend, Coach TT has decided to give Alex Perkin the Player of the Tournament award for the 07 State Navy squad. Congratulations to Alex and the rest of the team for a fantastic season!


Surf 2011 MW

Record: 3-0-0

Our 2011 Metro West girls went into the weekend with an unbeaten record in the league, and were looking to cap off their season in style.  Their Friday evening game in Marlborough saw an intense matchup between our girls and NEFC West. The game got off to a slow start for our MW girls, going down 2-1 at half to a side that forced them to raise the intensity if they were to get a result. 2011 MW picked it up and came out flying in the second half, immediately taking control of the game and applying pressure on NEFC’s backline. The girls’ hard work in the second half paid off, as they found the back of the net three times to ultimately win the game 4-2. 

Game 2 & 3 took our 2011 MW girls to Forekicks Taunton, where they faced another NEFC squad. This matchup proved to be no match for our girls in blue, who were absolutely dominant from the start and did not hesitate to put the ball in the back of the net. The girls were absolutely clinical in front of goal and worked hard to constantly put pressure on the hosts. This brilliant performance ended up as a 9-0 victory for our 2011 MW girls, who were already focused on finishing out the tournament with a perfect record. 

2011 Metro West’s last game saw them take on a strong NE Rush side. This game proved to be extremely close from the start, with both teams creating promising scoring opportunities. Although the matchup was intense throughout the game, our girls took advantage of three quality chances in the box, which ultimately saw them finish the tournament with a perfect record. “I am really proud of how the girls have grown this season and taken that next step in their development. It was also nice for the girls to finish such a strong season with a win. I can’t wait to work with these girls in January”, said Coach Luke. Due to her consistency throughout all three games, along with a handful of goals, Coach Luke decided to give the Player of the Tournament to Kacey Costello. Congratulations to Kacey and the rest of the 2011 squad for such a great season!