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Surf Challenge and Showcase Recap

May 31, 2023

New England Surf had a very successful Surf Challenge and Showcase 2023 over Memorial Day Weekend! The tournament included 320 teams coming from 37 different clubs. We had a 17 clubs traveled from out of state, joining us from Maine, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Canada. It was an eventful long-weekend with hot tempatures, tough competition, and lots of fun!

Platinum Bracket Results

U9 Boys – After an undefeated tournament, CFC North 2014 Wolves Black defeated NES Metro Boston in the final PK shoot-out to secure first place.

U9 Girls – The U9 Girls Platinum Bracket was a tight race. New England Surf fielded two teams: Metro West Navy and Metro Boston Navy. In the finals, leaders of the bunch, Aztec Red defeated Metro West 2-0 to take home first place.

U10 Boys – Our U10 platinum bracket kicked off with CFC North 2013 Wolves Black defeated AC Connecticut B13 EDP 4-0, but when the two faced up again in the final it was AC Connecticut who raised the trophy in a thrilling 3-0 win.

U10 Girls – The U10 Girls Platinum Bracket consisted of a pair of New England Surf teams from Metro West and Metro South as well as CFC North Elite and A.C. Connecticut Blue. New England Surf Metro South topped the group defeating CFC 4-0 in the final.

U11 Boys – With 8 teams in this top division, both NES Metro Boston 2012 Navy and SFC 2012B Blue were undefeated heading into the championship. SFC finished on top defeated NES 2-0.

U11 Girls – The first bracket in the U11 Girls Platinum Division saw a very tight race. The group put on a  great display scoring a combined 41 goals across all games. In the second bracket, NEFC Red was the outright winner in the group going 3-0. They took on Surf Metro Boston Navy and defeated them 4-3.

U12 Boys – After a close bracket, the semi-final matches were set between NES 2011 Navy & SFC 2011B White and SSC B11 and FC Blazers B2011/2012. The final matchup between New England Surf and Southeast SC went into PK’s and Surf cam out victorious.

U12 Girls – The first bracket was led by New England Surf going 2-0 with New York Elite in second place. In the second bracket, AC Connecticut was the outright winner of the group, going 2-0 with Ottawa City in second place. The final came down to AC Connecticut beating Ottawa City 4-0.

U13 Boys – The U13 Boys bracket had lots success in front of goal with 31 goals scored in total on day 1. It ended with both Rhode Island Surf and New England Surf finishing on 8 points but Rhode Island Surf took home the trophy due to goal differential.

U13 Girls – In the first semi-final, Coliseum defeated NEFC 3-1. The second semi-final saw NEFC North Shore take down A.C. Connecticut. In a close final, Coliseum edged out NEFC North Shore by a score of 2-1 to be crowned champions of the U13 Platinum Division.

U14 Boys – U14 Boys Platinum bracket saw Lightning SC come out on top with an unbeaten record. Rhode Island Surf were a close second scoring 20 goals and narrowly losing 1-0 to eventual bracket winners.

U14 Girls – After dominant displays, New England Surf State Navy and NEFC West were tied for the top of the table going 3-0-1 each. The goal differential tie-breaker saw Surf State Navy as the champions with +9 GD, just narrowly defeating NEFC West’s +7 GD.

U15 Boys – Both Ottawa City and New England Surf had unbeaten records in the U15 Boys Platinum bracket group stages with both teams making it to the final, but it was Ottawa City who were crowned champions after a 2-1 win in the penultimate game.

U15 Girls – After round-robin games, the championship was set up between New England Surf State Sky and Seacoast United NH. New England Surf was crowned champions.

U16 Boys – For the U16 Boys Platinum bracket, it was Aztec North Boys who came away with the trophy after an impressive unbeaten record all weekend and narrowly defeating Seacoast United 2-1 in the final.

U16 Girls – After playing round robin, Surf State Sky was first place in the group, going 2-1. NEFC slotted into second place with a 1-0-2 record. The final saw NEFC take down first-place Surf State Sky by a score of 1-0.

U17 Boys – The U17 Boys Platinum bracket ended with NEFC North Shore on top with 7 points and only conceding 1 goal all weekend. Both NEFC North Shore and Seacoast United Express were the best of the bunch with both progressing to battle it out in the final.

U17 Girls – With a 3-1 record and 9 points, Seacoast United Mass South 2006 Elite Girls DPL took home the title with ease.

U19 Boys – The U19 Boys Platinum Bracket saw 2 Seacoast teams going head to head. Both Seacoast United NH and Seacoast of Bedford ended the weekend on 10 points but the trophy headed back to NH after they narrowly edged it on goal differential.

U19 Girls – The U19 Girls Platinum bracket ended NEFC North Shore Girls on top of point with 9. Both NEFC North Shore and New England Surf Metro Boston Navy 2012 were the best of the bunch with both progressing to battle it out in the final. In the Platinum B bracket, CFC Connecticut topped the group and took home first place.

BRACKET                  CHAMPION

U13 Boys Gold B         Mass International FC 2010 South Elite Boys

U9 Boys                        Silver CFC North 2014 SW Black

U10 Boys Gold A         Real Boston FC Boys 2013 Levante

U10 Boys Gold B         New England Surf Metro West Sky 2013 Boys

U10 Boys Silver           Lightning SC 2013 Boys Green

U11 Boys Gold             Surf Raiders FC BU11

U12 Boys Gold             Surf Raiders FC BU12

U13 Boys Gold A.        Best FC 2010 Boys Red

U13 Boys Gold B.        Mass International FC 2010 South Elite Boys

U13 Boys Gold C         FC Blazers B2010

U14 Boys Gold             New England Surf State Sky 2009 Boys

U15 Boys Gold             NEFC Metro West Boys 2008 Navy

U16 Boys Gold.           CFC North 2007 Elite Black

U17 Boys Gold            New England Surf State 06 Sky

U17 Boys Silver          New England Surf State Royal 2006 Boys

U19 Boys Gold            NEFC Blackstone Valley Boys 2006 NL

U19 Boys Silver          Dutch Elite HS Boys

BRACKET                  CHAMPION


U9 Girls Gold               New England Surf Metro South Girls 2014 Navy

U10 Girls Gold             New England Surf Metro Boston Navy 2013 Girls

U10 Girls Silver            Southeast SC G13

U11 Girls Gold              Aztec Girls 2012 Red

U12 Girls Gold             FC Blazers G2011/2012

U12 Girls Silver           AC Connecticut G11 EDP Championship White

U13 Girls Gold             New England Surf State Sky 2010 Girls

U13 Girls Silver           NEFC North Shore Girls 2010 Navy

U14 Girls Gold            New York Elite U14 Blue

U14 Girls Silver           OCSC 2009 Girls Premier

U15 Girls Gold             NEFC Blackstone Valley Girls 2008 Red

U16 Girls Gold             Ottawa City SC 2007G

U16 Girls Silver           CFC North 2007 Premier White

U17 Girls Gold             Capital Alliance FC