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March Tournament Weekend 3/17-3/19 Recap

March 20, 2023

This past weekend our teams competed in over 5 different tournaments!  These included: Jefferson Cup, DPL Summit, NEFC Girls Showcase, Seacoast United March Invitational and Aztec Cup.  We took the opportunity to give a quick recap on how we did!

Jefferson Cup

4 of our New England Surf teams competing and we got 1 winner!  NES 2012G Metro went 01-2 in a very competitive bracket.  Then it was our 2011G State Sky who started strong, winning 3-1 in their first match.  After that, they faced some stiff competition, finishing 0-1-2 over the weekend.  Onto our 2009G State Sky who showcased their skills on the biggest stage.  Going 1-1-1 with a standout player of Skylar Comenzo.  She scored a hat trick in their 5-1 win against Legacy 2009 Girls Green!  Finally, our 2011G State Navy brought home the gold in the Elite Black Bracket.  Winning 3 games (including the final) and only losing once.  A great weekend in Virginia!

DPL Summit

Our 2009G State Navy and 2010G State Navy both travelled down to Florida to compete in the first every DPL Summit Tournament!  It was a great weekend, full of fun and exciting games.  Both our teams ended the tournament on a high, winning their last games 2-0 and 1-0 respectively!  A great display for the first DPL Summit with some very strong competition!

NEFC Girls Showcase

Our State Girls and City teams competed in this one!  With some great games all round.  Our 2006 State Girls age group was the standout!  2006G State Navy went 2-1 in the top bracket after dominating in their last game against NJ Crush 5-1.  Our 2006G State Royal also putting in some stellar performances!  They eventually won their bracket this weekend!  Well done girls!  Our 2011 Girls City team had a standout player over the weekend as well.  Jocelyn Tunick-Staab scored 4 goals and set up another in their final match up the Showcase, winning 5-0!  Our 2010G State Sky team also put in a classy performance over the weekend!  Winning their bracket with some great games!

Seacoast United March Invitational

All of our Boys Metro Boston teams competed in this one over the weekend!  The cold didn’t stop our 2014 MB Sky and 2013 MB Navy!  Our 2014 MB Sky won 2 games and tied 1, narrowly missing out on winning the tournament!  A very solid effort from this team as they head into the spring season!  Our 2013 MB Navy proved to be to good over the course of the tournament, winning all 3 games to win the tournament!  Well done boys!

Aztec Cup

Our Metro South teams competed in the Aztec Cup this past weekend!  All of them doing very well but there was 1 standout team our New England Surf 2013G Metro South Navy won their bracket!  A dominant show from this amazing team who adds further silverware to the collection for this year!

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