NE Surf City

Behind the City Program

January 12, 2022

New England Surf is devoted to creating the ‘best of the best’ soccer experiences and opportunities for all players and their families across New England. We are a proud member of the Surf Soccer family, and are committed to helping youth soccer players follow their proven pathway to success.

Our Surf City program, which has training locations in Dorchester and East Boston, aims to transform the lives of Boston’s youth across its diverse neighborhoods. We provide year-round opportunities for kids to play soccer at free or reduced costs so that all can enjoy the beautiful game regardless of their socioeconomic status or the neighborhood they live in. The expensive pay-to-play model, coupled with transportation limitations, often exclude many kids from competing at soccer’s highest levels. 

In just two short years, our City program has already graduated more than twenty-five players into our State program which competes at the highest level in state, regional and national competitions. In addition to this, we’ve sent a number of players into our Surf Select program, which brings together the most talented players and coaches from all of Surf Nation to compete together under the Surf banner at the highest levels. Through a series of regional and national events, players within Surf Nation, will be selected to represent Surf Select in national and international competitions.  

“At Surf we see things differently. Soccer is a beautiful game that should be enjoyed by all, not just those children who can afford it. We are attempting to do away with the exclusivity of Club Soccer in the US” said Coach Nathan Stern, who oversees the City program. “Our goal”, he added, “is to be recognized as the premier urban soccer club in the United States and to play an integral part in the nation-wide movement to enhance and grow the sport of soccer in the US, with a special emphasis on underserved communities.”

In a recent study conducted by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, kids below the poverty line make up only 10% of the population who participate in youth soccer. 

Surf Soccer Club is consistently ranked among the top clubs in the nation in terms of the performance of our top teams, but we believe the strength of our club comes from our focus at every level on the development of your child’s physical skills, emotional maturity and sportsmanship. We believe that participation in sports as a whole, and soccer specifically, can play an important role in the development of your child into a confident and respectful young man or young woman. If your child is serious about soccer, we can provide them the best coaching, facilities and opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential.

Email if you are interested in attending a tryout this winter for our competitive teams, ages U9-U19 (birth year 2014-2003). For ages U4-U8 we invite you to join our Jr Academy program where we provide young players the opportunity to enjoy a fun learning environment that will engage, educate and enhance their passion for Soccer.