An Unforgettable Season – G2012 State Teal

December 14, 2023

An Unforgettable Season – G2012 State Teal

Our 2012 State Teal team, coached by Liam Bohman, had an overwhelmingly successful year. They went undefeated in the regular season, where they won 15 games and drew 1. They did not lose a game until November 18th at the IFA Pre-Thanksgiving Tournament. The girls went undefeated in the NECSL U12 Flight 2 Metro Blue, with only 5 conceded goals the entire season. They were crowned Champions of their division with this successful record. 

Their success did not stop at regular season matches. The team won the NE Surf Labor Day Classic Tournament in the U12 Girls Silver division where they only conceded 2 goals and went undefeated. They also were crowned Champions of the CFC Columbus Day Tournament in the U12 Girls Bronze division. They had a completely clean sheet where they won every game and conceded no goals. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with a few of the parents of the team to see how the season and their own journey has been like: 

“Our daughter Diana has been playing soccer at Surf for 2 years. It’s amazing to watch our child’s passion for soccer grow and develop each season with the help of amazing coaches! Playing in the Surf State Teal team taught her important lessons about teamwork, sportsmanship and determination. There’s nothing better seeing her score a goal, the look of pure joy on her face and her teammates celebrate with her!” -Katalin Popovici and Marius Bonaciu

“Hazel was brand new to Surf, so she was really tentative about how the social dynamics would work on the team. But I was really impressed with how quickly the team bonded – a testament to what a nice group of girls we have! – so that Hazel very quickly felt like she was one of the team. Because of that, even from day 1, the team did such a great job of passing on the field and trusting their teammates to be where they needed to be. I would also add that I think Liam really does a great job of encouraging the girls and helping them to feel confident in their abilities, which has helped them all develop as players this season.” – Sara Cordes