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NE Surf Partners with Premier Soccer Consulting

February 1, 2021

Premier Consulting has been in business for 17 years and has helped hundreds of student athletes attain admission to some of the greatest schools in the United States.  Premier Consulting has recently launched the Premier Soccer Consulting (“PSC”): The lead soccer consultant is Jesse Sarzana, who is the former Buckingham Browne and Nichols School (“BB&N”) head soccer coach.  During Jesse’s 20 plus+ year tenure he worked with numerous student-athletes and has guided many of them to play soccer at the collegiate level.  Jesse has the resources and the ability to provide realistic guidance to any soccer player who is serious about their academics and their soccer ability.

Evaluation/Assessment:  This meeting will include a comprehensive evaluation of the student’s academics (transcripts and test scores), soccer background, and game/highlight film.  Additionally, Jesse will conduct a full interview of the player and the parents (via Zoom).  The overall goal of this evaluation process is to walk each student and their family through the recruiting calendar and to set out a strategy for the student over the next several months and beyond. Following the evaluation Jesse will provide a written summary of the prospective strategy and general feedback from the interview. PSC and Jesse’s intentions are to provide custom strategies throughout the process for the students and their families. 

Consulting and/Advising: After the evaluation if the family plans to move forward with our team, the PSC and Jesse provide consulting and advising services on a concierge basis as specifically described and set forth below.

(a) The importance of prioritizing academics, training, nutrition and sleep.
(b) Practical and realistic suggestions regarding the student’s opportunities to play soccer at the collegiate level and what the differentiates the options.
(c) Counseling to student and family as to what college or university the student may realistic expect to be a recruit.
(d) Discussion and analysis regarding the – recruiting calendar and timeline.
(e) Advise regarding transcripts and standardize tests, and, if necessary, tutoring options).
(f) How to make the proper highlight films.
(g) How to send the proper email/communication. How to communicate effectively with collegiate coaches.
(h) How to accept and participate on official and unofficial visits to colleges and universities.
(i) Which Summer Camps/Clinics to attend.
(j) Club Soccer advice.
(k) Position Specific and Speed Training.
(l) What constitutes “Real Interest” from a college or university.
(m) What is a legitimate “Offer”.
(n)  PSC and Jesse’s availability until the student chooses a college or university. 

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